Red meercat in nature-oriented habitat

Independent of the realised variant of we will provide wide, biotope-like designed enclosures for the animals. Perfected substitute habitats are created, whose structure allows the inhabitants to show nearly any behaviour that is essential in the wild.

Overview Raubtierpark - click to enlarge

For species that are bound to the ground wide, open enclosures will be created. Animals that are quite able to jump and climb will be given large aviaries that offer the opportunity to exploit all three dimensions. For every species several enclosures are provided, besides there will be research and rest zones, where visitors will have no access.

European wild cat give the cold shoulder

Beginning with the medium version the enclosures of different animal species will be cross-linked so that the inhabitants can rummage through the territories of their neighbours, too. Species sharing a living space with each other in the wild in an unrivalled way will be socialised in the park wherever it is possible. Activity programmes prevent the last rudiment of possible boredom for the enclosure inhabitants.