Brown hyena

Our main focus is furthermore directed towards the mostly misjudged but great small carnivores, the members of viverrids, small cats, dogs, martens and small bears, that are under represented in zoos nowadays.
From the medium planning the keeping of big cats and bears would be imaginable. Due to the specialisation on single species and individuals they will receive much more space and attention.

Species that require our aid are, i.e.:
European mink (), Marbled polecat (), Wolverine (), African Linsang (), Owston's palm civet (), Fossa (), Kit fox (), Dhole (), African hunting dog (), Margay (), Manul (), Clouded leopard (), Crab-eating raccoon (), Red panda (), Sloth bear ().


The final species population of depends among other things on the development of the in-situ population of the respective species, further on the fact, if current breeding programmes need room for accommodation of additional animals and which new breeding programmes can be started. Following the recommendations of the relevant IUCN Specialist Groups we will select the single species.