The pioneers in species conservation by supporting captive breeding. Gerald Durrell inspired us!

The world conservation union

The IUCN small carnivore specialist group

Does a very important job for the conservation of the European mink - an almost forgotten carnivore species!

Student activity from Bielefeld with great detailed knowledge regarding animal gardening. We also profit by their knowledge.

A service of the Zoo-AG: Current news from the zoo world. A must!

Homepage of the Berlin artist Tanja Schöne who co-designed the logo. She hardly paints animals usually!

The Zoological Society for the Conservation of Species and Populations commits to the protection of highly threatened animal species, that are rather unknown to the large public in such a target-oriented and effective way, that we are member of the ZGAP.

The organizers themselves call it an open forum for the promotion of good animal gardening. A visit is anyway stimulating again and again.

Important tips and information on the professional entrance for all biologists, who do not want to end in molecular biology.

Important association which accompanies the natural return of the wolves to Germany.

Who wants to know something about dogs, should have read Eberhard Trumler.

Even domesticated carnivores are threatened by extinction. The Westerwälder Kuhhund for example.

Detailed website about an extinct carnivore, which was not a carnivore in zoological terms. But nevertheless any other carnivore should not share its fate.

Being tasty feed for the Tasmanian wolf in the past, today the koala itself could do with help.

An amount of information about badgers.

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