On an area of about 2-3 hectares a breeding station for two or three selected species will be raised. Possible concern of residents and huntsmen, who are traditionally the people with the most misgivings can be minimised by that variant, because only viverrids, martens and / or small cats will be kept there. The fear of such species is very limited. The number of visitors is a maximum of 50,000 per year. So the volume of traffic can be handled even on days with the highest number of visitors.

Yet with this smallest version of a Carnivore Conservation Center the animal keeping will be oriented completely towards the needs of the animals without any compromise. It will be combined with a formidable environmental- pedagogic public relations and an impressive nature-near enclosure design. But this small solution can only realised near a larger town because there would be no day-trippers visiting such a breeding center and so it would hardly be possible to cover the operating costs in a sparsely populated area.